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404 Cars Below Sticker – Cars Delivered to you for less than dealer sticker.

It’s simple. You tell us…

  1. make
  2. model
  3. year
  4. accessories
  5. price you were quoted

We access our network of over 1,400 dealers nationwide and find your new car for a price you can’t match anywhere. We’ll reach back out to you and finish the paperwork and your new car is delivered right to you.

Yes, it is that simple.

Can we do Everything?

We’re not magic. There are a few makes we can’t get such as Tesla, Rivian, and maybe a few others. But we can get most of them and the exotics.

In addition, we can NOT get cars in Hawaii or Alaska. Transportation costs just kill us there. If you’re looking for an exotic, it might still work, otherwise, not likely.

Who are we?

As an exclusive dealer concierge service we’ve been doing this for our private clients for years. We recently decided to open our services to members of the car sharing community. Hosts on Turo, GetAround, and others can now access this exclusive service.

Why now?

We’ve seen the expansion of hosts’ fleets and also how the margins are getting smaller. This makes getting a good deal on your vehicles that much more important. Dealer mark-ups make this harder and harder. We can eliminate those and more.

Serious buyers only, please.

If you’re ready to buy NOW, know what you want, and would like to save on your purchase, then this is for you. Read on for more details.

How can we do this?


We’ve provided our network of over 1,400 dealerships consistent and high volume sales. They know they can depend on our buyers to provide quick efficient transactions.


You’re likely looking in a populated area and cars are more in demand there. We can source that car from anywhere in the country where the demand might not be as high and we can acquire the car at a better price.


We sell so many cars for our network, they guarantee us the best pricing possible, and we pass that on to you. Of, course we keep a little for ourselves, but we make up for the small % we take in volume.

Cut out the Middleman

These dealerships don’t need to advertise or pay sales commissions on our deals. That savings is passed on to you.

So, exactly does this work?

  1. You must be serious and ready to buy. We can help you with financing if you need it, but we don’t work with tire-kickers. We develop long-term relationships with our buyers and have a no tolerance policy so please don’t apply if you don’t intend to complete the transaction. It requires work and trust for our dealers to offer these prices and we just don’t have time to get you a price if you’re not ready to buy.
  2. Once you’ve done your shopping and know exactly which car you want, and you’ve gotten at least one competitive price, then download our purchase application below. If you have your own financing or are paying cash you do not need to fill out the Credit Application.
  3. It takes us anywhere from 24 to 72 business hours to source your car for you. Obviously, the exotics and specific requests can take a little longer. Once we’ve located your car, we’ll be in touch to get your deal finalized.
  4. Once the transaction is complete we will have the car delivered to the address you specify, all you need to do is wait for it to arrive.

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